Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D.

Clinical-Child Psychologist, Child Custody and Family Mediator, and Family Therapist

Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Saposnek now works exclusively on Zoom for Psychotherapy, Mediation, and Co-Parenting Counseling, with a flexible schedule of appointments.

Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D., is a clinical-child psychologist and family therapist in practice since 1971, and a child custody and family mediator and national and international trainer and consultant in child psychology and mediation since 1977. He was director of the Family Court Services in Santa Cruz County for 17 years and has mediated over 6,000 child custody and visitation cases in both the public and private sectors. He has published extensively in the professional literature on children and families and is the author of a number of books on the topics of children, families, divorce, and mediation. He serves on the Editorial Boards of several international journals of conflict resolution and numerous publishing houses, and he is Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators’ publications. For 41 years, he taught numerous child development-related courses while on the Psychology Faculty at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and has been an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution since 2009.